If you're in need of a speaker for your next event, a development coach for personal or professional purposes, or ghostwriting services, check out the areas below to see how Anthony can help!




Anthony can deliver a customized presentation to fit your organization's needs. Here are some areas he specializes in:

Interpersonal dynamics

These presentations are all based around working with others. Topics deal with areas such as: Team-building; managing millennials; leadership development; networking effectively; managing employee expectations/aspirations; helping employees "get their fire back"; and creating & maintaining work/life balance.

culture clash

In the 21st century, there are more generations active than at any other time in history. As a result, while there's so much room for misunderstanding, distrust, and misinformation, there's also so much opportunity to learn from one another to make our workplaces, classrooms, and boardrooms leading places of diversity, inclusion, understanding, and progress. Presentations under this heading deal with elements such as social media, branding, innovation, and motivation.

Customer service

Customer service is not just a part of an organization's structure--sometimes it's the very foundation of it! These presentations focus on creating and maintaining great service standards, providing ideal service to both internal and external customers, and how good service benefits both the giver and receiver.

college life

Navigating the terrain and new normal of college can be daunting. With this presentation set, Anthony helps aspiring and current college students achieve success by focusing on making the most of your college years, successfully transitioning from high school, identifying purpose, establishing attitude over ability, and how to prepare for life after college.

Don't see your topic here? Just let Anthony know what kind of presentation your agency, company, or organization is looking for and he can create it!


Whether it's a banquet, conference, graduation, church function--whatever--if your goal is to inspire your audience, Anthony is your guy! Anthony can craft a message specifically for your event; examples of some of Anthony's previous messages include:

dare to be different

This message can be tailored to community leaders, professionals, or students who desire to break out of the monotony, embrace their creativity, and use their gifts to separate themselves from "the pack"!

it takes a village...

This message takes the adage of "it takes a village to raise a child" and completely flips it on its head to help audience members consider if the "village" is doing its job today! 

anointed to be amazing

In this message, Anthony inspires listeners to understand they've been designed & destined for greatness, and also shares with them how to unlock & achieve that greatness!

if you've got a dream...

In this message, Anthony uses his personal experience of going from dreaming to doing and helps listeners navigate the hiccups, hangups, and roadblocks that keep them from turning their dreams into reality!


When it comes to coaching, Anthony uses both his personal and professional experiences to relate to his client(s) and help them move forward. Here are the areas he specializes in: 

professional development coaching

Whether you're making the decisions or carrying them out, Anthony can relate. Having been both an employer and employee, Anthony has seen both sides and can help with giving you the tools to both be successful where you are and help prepare you for where you're trying to go.

relationship coaching

As a relationship coach, Anthony helps those who are either single, seriously dating/engaged, or married. As someone who's had his fair share of amazing relationships, as well as some forgettable "situationships", Anthony can meet an individual or couple right where they are and help them work to ensure they're treating their heart right.

birth your brand coaching

Having built his own his brand and pursued his dreams, with this coaching focus, Anthony helps you finally launch your dream. Whether you're just looking for a "side hustle" or ultimately wanting to turn your dream into your job, this coaching can help you do just that.

personal development coaching

This coaching is designed for those who just simply want BETTER. If you're looking at trying to better manage your time or resources, trying to better your work/life balance, or want to be able to simply prioritize your life and just breathe easier, then this coaching is for you.

get it write (For aspiring speakers and authors)

The "Get It WRITE" program is designed for those who believe they're ready to finally write that book or turn their love for public speaking into a career. As a 3x self-published best-selling author, as well as having over 15 years of public speaking experience, Anthony uses all of his knowledge to help you establish your ideas and begin to leave your mark in the arena(s) of speaking and/or writing.