If you're in need of a speaker for your next event, a development coach for personal or professional purposes, or if you’re looking to birth your book or become a paid speaker, check out the areas below to see how Anthony can help!




Anthony can deliver a customized presentation to fit your organization's needs. Here are some areas he specializes in:

  • Interpersonal relationships

    • Team-building, work/life balance, office dynamics, “culture clashes”, etc.

  • Customer service

    • Creating consistency, establishing service standards, managing internal and external customers, etc.

  • Social media

    • Harnessing its power to promote your organization, do’s and don’ts, creating buzz for your brand, etc.

  • leadership development

    • From the C-suite to the front lines, various topics designed to help grow every level of leadership

    Don't see your topic here? Just let Anthony know what kind of presentation your agency, company, or organization is looking for and he can create it!


If you need a message to inspire your audience, Anthony can deliver! Whether it’s a corporate function, banquet, graduation, faith-based event, or retreat—whatever it is—Anthony can craft a message specifically for your event.

Having spoken at over 300 events, some of his previous events include:

  • leadership university closing ceremonies (washington, d.c.)

  • university of north alabama national alumni association summit

  • columbia state community college

  • city of jasper, “my brother’s keeper” community summit

  • regions financial corporation ideabank

  • community action association of alabama annual conference

  • herzing university commencement ceremonies

  • new rising star church


When it comes to coaching, Anthony uses both his personal and professional experiences to relate to his client(s) and help them move forward. Here are the areas he specializes in: 

  • professional development coaching

    • Whether you're making the decisions or carrying them out, Anthony can relate. Having been both an employer and employee, Anthony has seen both sides and can help with giving you the tools to both be successful where you are and help prepare you for where you're trying to go.

  • personal development coaching

    • This coaching is designed for those who just simply want BETTER. If you're looking at trying to better manage your time or resources, trying to better your work/life balance, or want to be able to simply prioritize your life and just breathe easier, then this coaching is for you.

  • relationship coaching

    • In relationship coaching, Anthony helps those who are either single, seriously dating/engaged, or married. As someone who's had amazing relationships, as well as some forgettable "situationships", Anthony can meet an individual or couple right where they are and help them work to ensure they're treating their heart right.

  • birth your brand coaching

    • Having built his own his brand and pursued his dreams, with this coaching focus, Anthony helps you finally launch your dream. Whether you're just looking for a "side hustle" or ultimately wanting to turn your dream into your job, this coaching can help you do just that.

  • get it write (For aspiring speakers and authors)

    • The "Get It WRITE" program is designed for those who believe they're ready to finally write that book or turn their love for public speaking into a career. As a 3x author, as well as having over 15 years of public speaking experience, Anthony uses all of his knowledge to help you establish your ideas and begin to leave your mark in the arena(s) of speaking and/or writing.