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One of the most inspirational, compassionate and up in your face with the truth speakers I have ever heard. Mr. Sparks does not sugarcoat the truth, he just tells it like it is in a comfortable language that his audience understands. I could listen to his instruction and true life experiences and use them in everyday practical scenarios
— Councilwoman S. Sudduth, City of Jasper
A presentation is hitting the mark when the bosses are nodding their heads and taking notes...they were doing it throughout Anthony’s presentation!
— K. Edwards, Alabama Power Company
We’ve had many speakers at our graduation, but teachers said Mr. Sparks might be the best we’ve ever had!
— S. Kendall, Fultondale High School
A powerful, inspiring message that was absolutely spot-on for the occasion!
— R. Sheppard, Florence City Schools
Clear, concise, and powerful. A fantastic message.
— H. Herzing, Herzing University
The entire congregation was able to get something from Mr. Sparks’ message! Great insight & wisdom!
— Bishop A. Moore, Mt. Zion Christian Church
Mr. Sparks provided great information for our organization!
— C. Richardson, Birmingham Black Metro Chamber of Commerce