Clap Your Hands!

One of the hardest things in life to do is be excited for someone when they get something we want. Now, to give us benefit of the doubt, I say it’s hard not because we wish they didn’t get it, but rather that we simply we wish we got it too. Either way, the bitterness that creeps in is nothing but plain old jealousy.

I’ve seen some ugly devastation from the green-eyed monster: Friendships completely ruined because one friend got something the other friend thought they were entitled to; co-workers who were once lunch buddies turned into sworn enemies because one got a promotion over the other; good relationships burned because one partner drifted away believing “the grass was greener” somewhere else—based on looking at how happy a best friend was in their relationship. There are countless other examples, but all-in-all the fact remains that jealousy can make us do some crazy things, ruin good things, and cause bad things.

So, is there something we can do to fight it? Yes. Now, while this isn’t a cure-all, I do think this can help us start to see things differently, so I want to encourage you today—instead of being jealous when someone gets something you want—CLAP. FOR. THEM.

If they beat you out for the promotion—clap for them; if they somehow get the shine for something you do better—clap for them; if they end up marrying the person you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with—clap for them. I know, it sounds crazy, but it’s necessary. Why? Because you owe it to yourself to be free from the monster that has hurt so many. When jealousy gets you in its grip, it’s hard to get out of it: You find yourself resenting people who didn’t even do anything to you; you become salty just because someone had the “audacity” to go for the same opportunity as you; and you start thinking irrationally by being mad at someone for simply showing up, yet you’re still perfectly cool with the person who chose them over you. It’s a dangerous place to be in.

So, clap for them—even though they “won”—because one day it’s going to be your day. You’re going to be the person who gets the “W”; you’re going to be the person firing on all cylinders; you’re going to be the person everybody is looking at with the “what makes him so special” face; and you’re going to be the one making the transition from hunter to hunted. But, if you can find a way to clap your hands when you’re at the “bottom”, then just maybe it’ll be easier for others to clap their hands for you once you get to the top…